Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

Networking Networking

Hi! My name is Segun and I'll be your instructor forNetworking. This course is one of a series of lectures onCompTIA A+ 2009 Essentials (220-701). Imagine working in an office 20 years ago with little or no computer equipment. It's hard to envision now, isn't it? We take for granted a lot of what we have gained in technology the past few decades. Now, imagine having to send a memo to everyone in the company. Back then we used interoffice mail; today we use e-mail. It used to take days to get a document to someone in a remote office, and now it may just take a few seconds. E-mail is an example of one form of communication that only became available due to the introduction and growth of networks. In this lecture, I'll discuss the basic concepts of how a network works, including the way it sends information, the hardware used, and common types of networks that you might encounter. It used to be that in order to be a PC technician you only needed to focus on one individual computer at a time. In today's environment, though, you will in all likelihood be asked to troubleshoot both hardware and software problems on existing networks.

Server Deployment
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

Server Deployment Server Deployment

Hi! My name is Mike and I'll be your instructor for Server Deployment. This course is one of a series of lectures onWindows Server 2008 Server Admin MCITP 70-646. In this course, I will discuss the various aspects of planning a Windows Server 2008 deployment. I will also help you plan your deployment of core infrastructure services such as DHCP, DNS, Directory Services, and Network Access Protection (NAP). I will then take a look at deploying server virtualization using Microsoft's new Hyper-V technology. Finally, I will wrap up the course by discussing availability planning and file and print services.