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Diploma in Customer Service

CS 101 Diploma in Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long term viability of every business. This free online Diploma course introduces the fundamental elements of customer service and explains how they can be applied in any organization. Following this, it describes how a business can develop its customer service program to the highest level. This course also details the role of customer service in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector. These sections explain the elements of customer service that should be focused on in these sectors. This free online Diploma course is ideal for business managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to implement an effective customer service program in their organization. This course will also be of great interest to retail staff, hospitality workers and public servants who want to become more proficient at providing friendly and effective customer service.

Creating and Communicating Vision (ccv)

My Class CCV Creating and Communicating Vision (ccv)

VIDEO FORMAT; supported by an Instructor

Creating and communicating vision is an absolute requirement for any leader wanting to achieve his or her goals and future dreams. During this program, you will learn to develop your own visionary skills, as well as your ability to communicate them convincingly to others. You'll also learn how to write your own vision statement and ways to motivate others to share and buy into the vision.


my class comm. Communicating

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Have you ever been in a situation where if the customer would only listen to you, his problem would be solved? You probably wondered what prevented that customer from paying attention to your words. Many times, the most important thing is not what you say, but how you say it.

Researchers have discovered that in actual face-to-face contact, the success of communication is broken down into three components — words, tone of voice, and gestures or body language.