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My class html HTML BASIC

Table of Contents

  • What is HTML
  • How does it work
  • Your first HTML (web) page
  • Style your webpage
  • HTML tables
  • HTML forms
  • HTML radio buttons
  • HTML checkboxes
  • HTML dropdown lists
  • HTML selection form
  • HTML text area
  • HTML frames
  • Link multiple pages

Programming with PHP (pwp)
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

my class pwp Programming with PHP (pwp)

Learnwith an Instructor to Earn a certificate:

Once you have the fundamentals of the PHP scripting language down, it's time to build on those basics and start truly programming. In this course, you'll begin creating more elaborate scripts while still learning some of the standard terms and syntax of the language.

You'll begin by writing HTML forms and showing how you can use PHP to handle the submitted values. Next, you'll learn about conditionals and operators, as well as another variable type called arrays. Finally, you'll learn how to use loops, a language construct that is very useful for managing arrays in PHP scripts.

This course uses examples that traverse lessons.      

Introducing Web Forms (iwf)
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

my class iwf Introducing Web Forms (iwf)

Visual C# Web Applications Series
Microsoft's .NET Framework is a platform for developing distributed applications. Visual C# .NET is a programming language you can use to develop such applications. This series is designed for those with the goal of certification as a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD). It covers the objectives of the Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET exam (70-315).

Start Using JavaScript (suj)

my class suj Start Using JavaScript (suj)

Java Brings New Abilities
You've seen by now how the HTML 4.0 standard has brought new tools to Web browsers, including animations, image maps, and frames. Using Java and JavaScript, Web developers have come up with further enhancements to Web pages beyond the ability to load multiple documents in separate frames and view new file formats.

Some of the common Java applets available today are described on the next few pages.

Basics of HTML and XHTML (bhh)

my class bhh Basics of HTML and XHTML (bhh)

HTML and XHTML were both created following the same standards and guidelines that allow for Web page structure.

In this course, you'll learn what HTML can do and how Cascading Style Sheets can make up for the deficits of what it cannot do. You'll also learn how to:

Apply HTML tags used for overall page structure.
Include ordered and unordered lists on a page. The importance of lists is significant as they allow for page organization and order.
Construct links from one place to another.

This course contains supplied files that will help you develop Web pages. The files can be downloaded in the Course Tools.