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Jamb CBT 2013

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Since 8 years of operation all the student learning on this portal successfully have good marks at the 2013 jamb CBT because they have already familiar with it. You too can join the class now and prepare your self against next examination. it is always FREE




Introduction to Sociology (B.Sc.)

CSS111 Introduction to Sociology (B.Sc.)

Criminology and Security Studies (B.Sc.)

CSS133 Criminology and Security Studies (B.Sc.)



Learn with an Instructor

The general aim of GST 105 ‘History and Philosophy of Science’ is to: 1. Stimulate your interest in science by encouraging you to think critically. 2. Help you attain a personal philosophy of life – that is to develop some set of principles that will guide your actions in relation to other people. While going through this course, you will learn about how science and its branches originated, the contributions of ancient Africans to science, and how the use of scientific knowledge has helped to improve or mar our lives. The study of the history of science and its philosophy is very important. This is because the knowledge of today incorporates the discoveries of the past and the method through which those discoveries were made. Thus if you are to appreciate your programme and the level of advance it has attained, you must know something of how and where it originated and how it has evolved to its present state. Towards the end of this course, you will be exposed to the contributions of some great Nigerian scientists. This will motivate you to make your own contributions to society in whatever programme you may be running.



The section is aimed at introducing pupils to basic concepts of electronics. You will find that a range of basic electronics is covered including; component symbols, power sources, diodes, capacitors, transistors, LEDs and many more. Click on the aspect of electronics outlined below to view the information sheets.

Networking Basics

My class NB Networking Basics

a glance introduction about networking



Apple's iPad and iPad mini are popular tablets that have changed the way we use computers. Learn the basics of using the iPad along with other features like iCloud, iTunes, Siri, the App Store and more.


Guests Guests

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Student Coner
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Students generally have fewer privileges within a course.

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Non-editing teachers can teach in courses and grade students, but may not alter activities.

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Teachers Teachers Corner

Teachers can do anything within a course, including changing the activities and grading students.

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Course creators Course creator

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Managers Managers

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Diploma in Customer Service

CS 101 Diploma in Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long term viability of every business. This free online Diploma course introduces the fundamental elements of customer service and explains how they can be applied in any organization. Following this, it describes how a business can develop its customer service program to the highest level. This course also details the role of customer service in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector. These sections explain the elements of customer service that should be focused on in these sectors. This free online Diploma course is ideal for business managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to implement an effective customer service program in their organization. This course will also be of great interest to retail staff, hospitality workers and public servants who want to become more proficient at providing friendly and effective customer service.

Creating and Communicating Vision (ccv)

My Class CCV Creating and Communicating Vision (ccv)

VIDEO FORMAT; supported by an Instructor

Creating and communicating vision is an absolute requirement for any leader wanting to achieve his or her goals and future dreams. During this program, you will learn to develop your own visionary skills, as well as your ability to communicate them convincingly to others. You'll also learn how to write your own vision statement and ways to motivate others to share and buy into the vision.


my class comm. Communicating

Learn with an Instructor to Earn a certificate:

Have you ever been in a situation where if the customer would only listen to you, his problem would be solved? You probably wondered what prevented that customer from paying attention to your words. Many times, the most important thing is not what you say, but how you say it.

Researchers have discovered that in actual face-to-face contact, the success of communication is broken down into three components — words, tone of voice, and gestures or body language.


my class iTunes iTunes


iTunes is a media player from Apple that is available for Macs, PCs and mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. It features the iTunes Store, where you can purchase music, movies, TV shows and more.

iPad Basics

my class iPad Basics iPad Basics

iPad Basics

Apple's iPad is a popular tablet computer used mainly for consuming media and engaging with web content while on the go. Learn how the iPad works and see why it has changed the way we use computers with the App Store, iTunes, iCloud, and more.

Digital Photography (dp)

my class dp Digital Photography (dp)

Digital Photography

With the popularity of smartphones and compact digital cameras, it has become easier than ever to capture the moments in your life. Learn the basics of how to take great pictures along with excellent tips for those trickier shots.

Computer Basics
morounmubo kolawole

my class Computer Basics Computer Basics

Computer Basics

Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the Cloud, Windows, Blackberry, Lion, etc.? Perhaps you would just like to know more about how computers work? When it comes to learning today's technology, Computer Basics has all the basic concepts covered.

Computer Basics

Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the Cloud, Windows, Blackberry, Lion, etc.? Perhaps you would just like to know more about how computers work? When it comes to learning today's technology, Computer Basics has all the basic concepts covered.

Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

Networking Networking

Hi! My name is Segun and I'll be your instructor forNetworking. This course is one of a series of lectures onCompTIA A+ 2009 Essentials (220-701). Imagine working in an office 20 years ago with little or no computer equipment. It's hard to envision now, isn't it? We take for granted a lot of what we have gained in technology the past few decades. Now, imagine having to send a memo to everyone in the company. Back then we used interoffice mail; today we use e-mail. It used to take days to get a document to someone in a remote office, and now it may just take a few seconds. E-mail is an example of one form of communication that only became available due to the introduction and growth of networks. In this lecture, I'll discuss the basic concepts of how a network works, including the way it sends information, the hardware used, and common types of networks that you might encounter. It used to be that in order to be a PC technician you only needed to focus on one individual computer at a time. In today's environment, though, you will in all likelihood be asked to troubleshoot both hardware and software problems on existing networks.

Server Deployment
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

Server Deployment Server Deployment

Hi! My name is Mike and I'll be your instructor for Server Deployment. This course is one of a series of lectures onWindows Server 2008 Server Admin MCITP 70-646. In this course, I will discuss the various aspects of planning a Windows Server 2008 deployment. I will also help you plan your deployment of core infrastructure services such as DHCP, DNS, Directory Services, and Network Access Protection (NAP). I will then take a look at deploying server virtualization using Microsoft's new Hyper-V technology. Finally, I will wrap up the course by discussing availability planning and file and print services.

Microsoft word 2013

Ms2013 Microsoft word 2013

Word 2013 Class

Word 2013 is the word processing software in the 2013 version of Microsoft Office. It allows you to create a variety of professional-looking documents, including letters, flyers, reports, and more. In this class, we'll show you how to format documents, insert text, work with graphics, use proofing tools, and much more. By the end of the class, you'll feel comfortable creating and formatting documents for both work and home.

Performing Basic Workbook Tasks
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

Performing Basic Workbook Tasks Performing Basic Workbook Tasks

Some of the most basic tasks you perform in Excel involve selecting cells and ranges of cells, entering data, copying and moving things, and finding and replacing data. You can learn to select cells more efficiently by clicking and dragging and using the Alt and Shift keys to expand your selections. You can also copy items more efficiently using the Clipboard pane, and you can use AutoFill and AutoCorrect to enter data easily and accurately.

Click the MindNotes button to see a list of the objectives you need to master for the Microsoft Office Specialist 77-882 exam.

Microsoft PowerPoint  2010
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

My PPt 2010 Class Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation program in the Microsoft 2010 Office Suite. It allows you to create amazing slide presentations that can integrate images, video, narration, charts and more.

Microsoft Word 2010
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

My Class Word 2010 Microsoft Word 2010

Word 2010

Word 2010 is a word processing application in the Microsoft 2010 Office Suite. Word allows you to easily create professional-looking documents using various themes, visual designs, formatting tools, sharing features and more.

General Forum

forum General Forum

Our user community mostly communicates via forums inside "courses" on this Learning site. You must "enroll" in the course to post to forums (enrollment is completely free).

Internet Safety

Internet Safety Internet Safety

internet safetyStay safe and secure online. Avoid the most common thread and learn how to protect your computer and your privacy

Internet 101

Internet Internet 101

itMaster of Basics of the Internet, including tips for browsing and startegies for effective searching

Office Web Apps (SkyDrive)

My Class Office Web Apps (SkyDrive) Office Web Apps (SkyDrive)

Office Web Apps (SkyDrive)

Office Web Apps is a free, online version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Office Web Apps are accessed through Windows Live SkyDrive, a cloud-based storage service that allows you to create, upload and share Office documents, in addition to other files.


my class iCloud iCloud


Apple's iCloud allows you to effortlessly access your music, photos, documents and more on all your devices. Learn how to customize iCloud's automatic syncing and back-up to fit your individual needs.

Mac OS X Lion

my class Mac OS X Lion Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion is Apple's latest operating system for Mac computers. Learn how Lion is transforming the way users interact with their computer with features like multi-touch gestures, Launchpad, the Mac App Store and more.

Google Account 101

Google Account Google Account 101

Google Account

Did you know that you can access Google services, like Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube, from one account? Creating a Google Account simply allows you to manage and customize settings for the Google apps and services you use. You can even set up an iGoogle home page to view, log in or open your favorite Google services all from one convenient spot.


my class gmail Gmail


Gmail is a popular, web-based email service provided by Google. Learn the basics of how to compose, send and respond to emails, in addition to exploring Gmail's features for managing your email and accessing it from your mobile devices.

Google Docs Documents (gdds)

my class gdds Google Docs Documents (gdds)

Google Docs Documents

Google Docs is a free, cloud-based suite of tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. This tutorial will cover the Documents application in Google Docs, in addition to showing you how to access and store your Docs from Google Drive.

Lessons 1-7 are duplicated from our Google Drive and Docs tutorial. If you have already taken this tutorial, you can start with Lesson 8 of this topic.

Google Drive and Docs (gdd)

my class gdd Google Drive and Docs (gdd)

Google Drive and Docs

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your documents, photos, videos and more online in one place. From Drive, you can also access Google Docs, where you can create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more from anywhere while online.

Google has integrated Google Docs with the new Google Drive. We have recently updated the lessons, added videos and changed the name of this topic to Google Drive and Docs.

Also visit our Google Docs Documents tutorial.

Pinterest 101

my class Pinterest 101 Pinterest 101

Pinterest 101

Pinterest is a popular social media site for creating virtual pinboards of the things you discover online. With Pinterest you can create and share pinboards on any subject you can imagine from vintage cars to funny cat videos to your favorite tutorials. Join the fun and explore what other people are pinning.

Twitter 101

my class Twitter 101 Twitter 101

Twitter 101

Still don't get Twitter? More and more this micro-blogging network is becoming a very useful tool for finding out what's going on with the people and things that matter to you the most. With our simple and engaging tutorial, you can learn all the various ways you can use Twitter to enhance your own life.

Blog Basics

my class Blog Basics Blog Basics

Blog Basics

Blogs have become a popular way for everyday people to share their opinions, experiences, passions and more with the world. Are you interested in blogging? Learn all about blogs and how to start one of your own with this tutorial.


Skype Skype


Skype is a software that allows you to instant message and make voice and video calls to fellow Skype users on the internet for free. You can even get a phone number and make calls to phones around the world for a fairly affordable rate. Learn all the ways you can share with those who matter to you using Skype.

Outlook 2003

my class outlook 2003 Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 is the personal information management software in the Microsoft 2003 Office Suite. It is an integrated application for email, calendaring, task and contact management, and more.


my class chat Chat


Chat and instant messaging are a popular way of communicating online and with your mobile devices. With this tutorial, you can learn the basics of how to chat or IM with popular services like Messenger, Facebook and Skype.

Beyond Email (be)

my class be Beyond Email (be)

Chat, Skype, Text, Like, Tweet, Blog, and Comment! If you want to communicate in the 21st century, then you will need to go beyond email. In this tutorial, we will show you all the ways you can talk and share online in today's world.

Email 101

my class Email 101 Email 101

Email 101

Are you new to email? Perhaps you are wondering just how people communicate online? This introductory course will teach you the basics about email, including understanding how email works, where you get email service from, and how you communicate properly and safely online.

If you're ready to learn how to use a specific email program, try our Gmail tutorial.

Mozilla Firefox 101

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 101

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is an alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox includes a variety of additional features such as extensions, themes, and tabbed browsing that can make your Internet experience more enjoyable and productive.

Internet Explorer 8

IE8 Internet Explorer 8

internetExplore microsoft's porpular web browser Internet Explorer 8. Customize the tools and features to the best suit of your need

C++ Tutoria

C++ C++ Tutoria

Whether you’ve had any prior experience programming or not, the tutorials on this site will walk you through all the steps you’ll need to know in order to create and compile your programs. Becoming an expert programmer won’t happen overnight, but with a little patience, you’ll get there.

Website Development

Web-101 Website Development

Learn with an Instructor and get a diploma certificate in web development

Management in Perspective (mp)

my class mp Management in Perspective (mp)

Learn with an Instructor to Earn Ceartificate:

In this course, we will take an overview of different aspects of business management. We will learn about Socrates' view on management.

We will review the different theories of business management. We will define management, describe management roles, functions, and skills, and also review some of the issues important to management development.      


My class html HTML BASIC

Table of Contents

  • What is HTML
  • How does it work
  • Your first HTML (web) page
  • Style your webpage
  • HTML tables
  • HTML forms
  • HTML radio buttons
  • HTML checkboxes
  • HTML dropdown lists
  • HTML selection form
  • HTML text area
  • HTML frames
  • Link multiple pages

Programming with PHP (pwp)
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

my class pwp Programming with PHP (pwp)

Learnwith an Instructor to Earn a certificate:

Once you have the fundamentals of the PHP scripting language down, it's time to build on those basics and start truly programming. In this course, you'll begin creating more elaborate scripts while still learning some of the standard terms and syntax of the language.

You'll begin by writing HTML forms and showing how you can use PHP to handle the submitted values. Next, you'll learn about conditionals and operators, as well as another variable type called arrays. Finally, you'll learn how to use loops, a language construct that is very useful for managing arrays in PHP scripts.

This course uses examples that traverse lessons.      

Introducing Web Forms (iwf)
Olusegun  O.Sodeinde

my class iwf Introducing Web Forms (iwf)

Visual C# Web Applications Series
Microsoft's .NET Framework is a platform for developing distributed applications. Visual C# .NET is a programming language you can use to develop such applications. This series is designed for those with the goal of certification as a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD). It covers the objectives of the Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET exam (70-315).

Start Using JavaScript (suj)

my class suj Start Using JavaScript (suj)

Java Brings New Abilities
You've seen by now how the HTML 4.0 standard has brought new tools to Web browsers, including animations, image maps, and frames. Using Java and JavaScript, Web developers have come up with further enhancements to Web pages beyond the ability to load multiple documents in separate frames and view new file formats.

Some of the common Java applets available today are described on the next few pages.

Basics of HTML and XHTML (bhh)

my class bhh Basics of HTML and XHTML (bhh)

HTML and XHTML were both created following the same standards and guidelines that allow for Web page structure.

In this course, you'll learn what HTML can do and how Cascading Style Sheets can make up for the deficits of what it cannot do. You'll also learn how to:

Apply HTML tags used for overall page structure.
Include ordered and unordered lists on a page. The importance of lists is significant as they allow for page organization and order.
Construct links from one place to another.

This course contains supplied files that will help you develop Web pages. The files can be downloaded in the Course Tools.